Yoga holidays and retreats in Portugal

Date Destination Holiday Description
30 March 2019 Join Sue & Peter for an Ashtanga and Yin Yoga retreat

With Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation. We have massage, herbal walks, swimming and shamanic drumming.     30th March –  6th April 2019

6 April 2019 Learn ashtanga yoga and yin yoga from senior yoga teachers Peter & Sue

Detox your body and mind with delicious vegan/vegetarian food. Massage and other workshops are available.   6th to 13th April

13 April 2019 Learn 5 animal Qigong and vinyasa flow with shamanic drumming yin yoga.

This is the Evolutionary Yoga method founded by Peter & Sue in Portugal. Learn mindfulness meditation and other practices.   13th to 20th April

27 April 2019 Develop your ashtanga yoga practice on retreat in Portugal

Where you can eat, sleep and practice the many different styles of yoga and meditation.   27th April –  4th  May

4 May 2019 Ashtanga & Yin yoga retreat at the yoga evolution retreat centre.

Set in the tranquil mountains of Portugal, rest restore and learn from great teachers.   4th – 11th May

11 May 2019 Evolutionary Yoga week learning Qigong, meditation, vinyasa flow, shamanism, yin yoga.

Eat healthy food and spend time in our naturally beautiful Vale Do Bacelo.   11th – 18th May

15 June 2019 Spend a week deepening and improving your ashtanga yoga practice

And learn new ways of understanding your mind body energy with senior teachers.   15th – 22nd of June

22 June 2019 Ashtanga primary series retreat

Featuring an adapted approach to make the sequence accessible to beginners and more advanced, Yin meditation and pranayama.   22nd – 29th June

3 August 2019 Vinyasa yoga flow and yin yoga retreat with Kate

Spend a week playing and enjoying your yoga practice with a wonderful teacher. Learn many different yoga techniques.   3rd – 10th August

10 August 2019 Women only yoga retreat

Come and join the circle of women on this special week at yoga evolution retreats set in the gorgeous Vale Do Bacelo.   10th –  17th August

24 August 2019 Vinyasa Flow week with Freya

Spend a week learning how to creatively link yoga postures using many techniques with this wonderful teacher.   24th – 31st August

1 September 2019 Ashtanga yoga and Yin yoga week with Sue & Peter in the Portuguese mountains

Where you can relax, practice and spend time just being.   1st –  7th September

2 October 2019 100 hours Evolutionary Yin Yoga teacher training with Sue & Peter

At the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre. This is a 10 day intensive training program.   2nd –  13th of October